The Mom Talk Blog

May 9, 2016

This past fall, my sister Rebecca started up her blog, The Mom Talk Blog. It was a spin off of the very popular facebook group that she created 5 years ago, Mom Talk. I helped her with the set up and have been giving advice and design help ever since. What she's managed to accomplish in such a short time, especially while being a mom to two young kids, is nothing short of amazing. 


Each month since it's creation, we've featured a special local mom on the blog. This last post, for Mother's Day, featured a local mom, her mom and her two young girls.  Each featured mom is pampered with professional hair and makeup from our styling team,  Nicole Wilby-Weeks (Lox Hair Studio) and Ren Beau (Beau Backstage Makeup), and a photo shoot plus video of the day.  You can see the whole post and video here.



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