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Magazine style portraits for everyday people

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Jean's Photoshoot Experience

What people are saying


"Victoria West you are magnificent! For anyone thinking they need a little pick me up this whole experience was nothing short of incredible for me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to have a fun day with beautiful pictures to cherish!"



"Ever since I was little I loathed pictures of myself and I often compared them to the women we see in magazines. I did not see myself as a model. All I saw were big legs, a face littered with freckles, frizzy hair, and a chubby face. Nearly every morning before school, I would look in the mirror and count my imperfections one by one. 

Who knew that in my final year of high school that what I have always feared in life, would make me feel more confident about my body and my spirit. And it all started when my mother surprised me with a professional photo shoot. I was nervous about being the center of attention for a day and when it came time for the photo shoot I felt butterflies in my stomach.

When I entered the studio and met Victoria all of my reservations disappeared. She made me feel so comfortable and my negative opinions of myself seemed to no longer matter. When I saw the final pictures, I saw myself through a new lens. I still looked like me but all my features were assets and not flaws. I even loved to see my unique freckles! A photo shoot with Victoria showed me that you really don’t need to change the way you are in order to feel beautiful. She was able to help me understand that it's the most beautiful thing in the world to learn to love yourself just the way you are."




"Victoria West is a true artist. I have had the pleasure of having my photos taken by her for a few different occasions and I am always astounded at how her creative direction and vision translates into the photo(s). Particularly in our latest session together for the beauty portraits, I felt transformed by the end of the day. As a mother with two small children, it is easy to feel that my days of glamour are behind me. But Victoria captured a side of me I thought was gone. I will have these photos forever, as will my children and grandchildren. Victoria takes her art seriously, continues to evolve and learn, and it's obvious because her work speaks for itself. Thank you Victoria!"



"I've always been camera shy. I felt so awkward in front of the camera, I didn't purchase photos for my high school, university, or college graduation. Now, I regret not celebrating these important moments. I look back and wish I had more photos with friends and family, even if unflattering. 5 minutes with Victoria and her team changed all this for me. I felt comfortable and I had fun! I  never thought I would actually enjoy being photographed."



"With three weeks to go until the baby's arrival, I was not feeling attractive but rather tired, large and uncomfortable. Having my hair styled and make-up done by professionals was so uplifting and fun. They did a fantastic job to make me feel pretty and ready to kick start this photo shoot. What truly made the experience so enjoyable was Victoria's warm approach, her enthusiasm and her exceptional client service from start to finish. I was truly on a high when I left her studio that day. It was a wonderful experience that I will remember fondly coupled with beautiful photographs that I will cherish forever. "



"I was very nervous on my way to my photoshoot with Victoria.. but when I arrived her easy going and down to earth personality made me feel at ease. she gave precise direction of how to pose and I actually began to feel confident and comfortable behind her camera. When I saw the photos she took of me I was in shock. I am so lucky to have had this experience. She is an extremely skilled photographer. The use of lighting along with her talent and eye for detail highlights the beauty in everyone she shoots. Easy to tell she is in the profession she was born for!"



"An experience of a life time, your best self becomes timeless! Thanks to Victoria’s amazing talent and the Victoria West Portrait Team!"


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