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Myra's Story

"Ever since I was little I loathed pictures of myself and I often compared them to the women we see in magazines. I did not see myself as a model. All I saw were big legs, a face littered with freckles, frizzy hair, and a chubby face. Nearly every morning before school, I would look in the mirror and count my imperfections one by one. 


Who knew that in my final year of high school that what I have always feared in life, would make me feel more confident about my body and my spirit. And it all started when my mother surprised me with a professional photo shoot. I was nervous about being the center of attention for a day and when it came time for the photo shoot I felt butterflies in my stomach.

When I entered the studio and met Victoria all of my reservations disappeared. She made me feel so comfortable and my negative opinions of myself seemed to no longer matter. When I saw the final pictures, I saw myself through a new lens. I still looked like me but all my features were assets and not flaws. I even loved to see my unique freckles! A photo shoot with Victoria showed me that you really don’t need to change the way you are in order to feel beautiful. She was able to help me understand that it's the most beautiful thing in the world to learn to love yourself just the way you are."

                                                                 ~Myra Fletcher

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